Angelo Cacciola Donati, born in La Spezia, Italy, and living in Euzkadi (The Basque Provinces). I have a Degree in Economy (University of Parma), and a Doctorate in Economic Theory (University of Fribourg, Switzerland). I also have more than 20 publications in Italy, Switzerland, and Euzkadi. This was before new technologies and the Internet appeared...After which I started to devote my professional efforts to the Internet, and in particular discovered the communication and artistic potential of the Web, which I try to express, together with the millenary culture of the nation where I live. At this level, I resemble the home page of my site: four cultures mixed within me as a cocktail. At times cold and detached, at other times passionate and throbbing. If you like fables, this is my present occupation: I create them in www format. Would you like one? For children, for your firm, for your town or country? I will make it to order for you!

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a fantasy story (euskera):       Eman eta hartu
a fantasy story (spanish):        Donostia, recuerdos de la belle époque
my doctoral thesis (italian):      I Mercati Conviviali
my internet business:                elkarkom internet 

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