Bruna Brylawski

I was born in Milan, and I grew up in Conegliano, near Venice. I got my degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Padua, and then went to America for love: first for biology (I was given a post-doc at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in North Carolina, then my visa expired and I had to return to Italy), and then for Tom, mathematician and conceptual artist who lured me back to Chapel Hill with a Fiancee visa. I work as a Research Associate at the University of North Carolina, in a molecular biology laboratory, where I look for DNA origins of replication. My third love is for the English language, which I study (self-taught, I'm afraid, but with a lot of help from Tom) not only by necessity, but for the sheer pleasure of it. Translating is still a hobby, but I would like for it to be a second profession (particularly on those frustrating days when origins seem so elusive...). And, last but not least love, Gelindo the cat.