SUBCHAPTER: NOTE ON TOP OF THE PAGE - One of the most daring demonstrations of how much nature is bridled by technology, of how much nature is the archetype of technology, and actually how much nature cedes with docility to technology, was given in 1960 by the heretic (honorary) theologian Luthor Spinoza. "Miracles, though, miracles above all, are the cause of very angry debates. People don't want to believe in phenomena that are simply technology for the contemporary man: surgical technology, medical technology, scientific technology. But if we think that Christ was a being, the Being, endowed with supernatural powers as the Creator of the Universe, then we should also ask ourselves why he didn't interfere not only with his own death, but, even before, with the history of his People, freeing them from Roman servitude, like Moses did in Egypt. The theory of free will? Ruthless obstinacy of hostile forces in the Universe? Biblical retro-punishment for the predicted sentence on the cross? Or, simply, disinterest? In reality, the only explanation is that Christ was a man from the future. A time traveler, alit by chance in Tiberius' Galilee. Not a bad physician, if you will. A capable acrobat. An immortal being (why not?) waiting for the Mother Ship to come back and pick him up. A nature lover. A naturist, a naturologist. Who explains to us that miracles (mechanics, for the Greeks) are man acting on man's environment. That science is not only the instrument of progress, but it is salvation. That science is the good goods of creation. In favor of man, without doubt, but always above his life".
© Denis-Jose François