Chapter 10
Relena Atridea heard the shot just before getting off the train. Actually, it is not so: Relena Atridea heard the shot just before getting on the train again. And she was not the only one (to hear the shot. Nor to get off and on the train). Relena Atridea remained alert. As if to say that she was completely fed up with beatings and shootings. She thought of turning back, but saw other railway travelers think of turning forward. Therefore, she crawled under the train's belly.
There she found the remains of some fast food (not yet attacked by the beggar ants because of the nauseating odor), and an arrangement of human shit. That it was human was easy to prove: each was covered by an accordion of toilet paper (more or less long, according to the generator's brush stroke) fluttering at every little puff of wind. The gun turned the sight away from ambushes and negotiations. It went down the tracks, backward, and skirted along the hill along a strip of juicy grass. Just in time to see Relena Atridea roll down from the other side and climb a car in the front, her legs at an acute angle.
© Denis-Jose François