Quantum Physicists dream in fractals.

They seek the grid that powers the inner universe.

The feedback loop that connects past, present and future.

The network between the Inner and Outer worlds.

But it's already in our heads.

Because even before the revolution there was a revolution.

And we've become transdimensionals -

Note that the first law of coding states;

"Garbage in = Garbage out"

We've got to be careful what we upload

because the net will soon be equal

to the sum of man's knowledge.

I wonder if it'll give us the answer to where everything came from?


Those who search for meaning in cyberspace

know that Real-time consciousness may be one of the things we're searching for.

It purportedly exists, (among other guises), as a feedback loop to/from the future.

Sources as diverse as Parapsychology and Quantum Physics

are telling us that our DNA codes will implode soon.

So, if you have a feeling

of having accomplished

something important

but are not sure

what it is,

well hey,

that's OK,

because the philosopher Gurdjieff once said;

"a man dreams he awakens many times before he 'really' awakens".

So maybe it's time you woke up now?

Excuse me, I need an early night.

Tomorrow I got to save the world.



"Our zeitgeist may be creative dreaming in the presence of technology, a place haunted by genies which wrap us in the blanket of their mysterium and lead us forward" - Terence Mckenna

Images and words © 8/2/98 Schwann