This work was created by Seppo K. Niiranen, Finnish architect (M.A.), photographer (M.A.), graphic designer and artist, who is specialized in digital media.
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I was born 1961 and live now in Finland near Helsinki with my family. I work in Helsinki University of Technology as multimedia developer, run my own firm Pix Productions, give lectures on digital media and now and then concentrate on art projects.

Exhibited work includes:
- View to America, photographs, Department of Architecture Showroom, Oulu 1983
- Eläköön Rantakatu, photographs and installations, joint exhibition, Oulu Library and Department of Architecture Showroom 1984
- Betonileija (Concrete Kite), mixed media, joint exhibition, Finnish Architecture Museum, Helsinki 1988
- Handy Cap, digital photographs, joint exhibition, FinnFoto Gallery, Helsinki 1993
- Visualeyes, digital images, joint exhibition, Chappel gallery, London 1995

Other remarkable things:
- tutored architectural photography workshops at EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) in Helsinki 1987, Marseille (France) 1989 and Karlskrona (Sweden) 1990
- participation of Artifact-art project 1995 - Most Notable Entry and Country Winner -awards in Imagine-competition arranged by Adobe Systems Inc 1996

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