Boris Jerenec

  I was born in 1974 in Maribor, Slovenia. I am still studying (since 1993) at University of Maribor, Faculty of computer science.
  It was in 1993 when I discovered the Internet and it's possibilities: specially MUDs :), later everything else.
  In 1995 I took a part in "the artifact" project, which gave me the oportunity to show some of my work in public (and to buy 16Megs of RAM :).
  Today I'm working in a prepress studio "Kapital" (for a year and a half), doing some web design in my spare time and thinking that it would really be a time to finish the school. Well, maybe.
  So, I received a letter from Manuela, but I guess you already know that. She wants me to write down some things about me and why am I doing this at all. Now I wish that I could write down a paragraph or two about my work, but it seems like you'll have to check it out by yourself and make your own opinion. I can't explain it, even if I would like to.
  Boris, Sunday 9. November 1997
  P.S. I hope my English is good enough and you didn't broke your tongue, or something.