About the Artist

Chris Engel is in was one of the artists involved in the Artifact Project and was delighted to have been asked to join the creative team of this particular project.

Trained in cartographic and graphic design, Chris worked for several years in the North Sea petroleum industry as a draftsman, geologist and petrophysicist. During this time his hobby was painting the Scottish landscapes in his resident North-East Scotland as well as the Scottish west coast. Over a two year period he held five solo exhibitions and sold over 300 paintings in watercolour, pastels, oils and acrylics.

A move out of the oil industry enabled Chris to establish his own graphic design business and he now specialised in the creating and manufacture of badges and decals for the computer industry. (ScotGold Products). Chris is also in partnership with a goldsmith and runs a second business which involves the mining of rare Scottish gold and its manufacture into jewellery. (The Scottish Gold Collection)