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The proclamation, signed and autographed, is for sale in the bookstores protected by the Empire: from the late-pagan one of the virgin Messalinato the more recent one of the God Park (where, among other things, one can find boardgames and the complete scripts of the most popular Television shows).
Comrades, companinos, dominions, poverty, when I see poverty, I see (that is, my glance falls on) a heap of children, all skinny, all in a line, with flies in their eyes (poor kids) pretending to cry (because no liquid comes out) and looking at their mothers. Mothers with wrinkled breasts (that I would be embarrassed to show a doctor), which they try to squeeze, wringing them like rags.

Poverty is uncomfortable, fellows, lets admit it without regrets.

And were it not necessary, I myself would pledge to defeat it.
(Needless to say, during the attack against poverty the Pontiff was shedding tears of powerlessness. Scores of poor people dropped dead in front of the lenses - bothering the flies and forcing the camera operator to perform focal acrobatics. The film was black and white. The field of view went from the gray of the environment to the white of the bones, to the black of the mouths ,wide-open and cavernous. The little ones were curious about everything. The mothers chewed fresh hay and regurgitated it into those throats as a stringy mash. After the crying, long sighs in the belly).

© Chris Engel

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