Eddie Tapp has been a professional photographer in Atlantasince 1973. During that time he has produced everything from commercial,industrial, portrait, and fashion photography to his current foray intodigital imaging and prepress.

Eddie's over ten years of experience in computer technology has leadhim to the cutting edge of photography. As a frequent lecturer/teacher atprofessional workshops and schools nationally and abroad including WinonaInternational School of Professional Photography he has had the opportunityto bring to others his extensive knowledge of digital imaging, prepress,and advanced photography. He is frequently sought out to provide seminarsand personalized training at corporations, agencies and photographic conventionsincluding Apple Computer Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, Polaroid, The Societyfor Imaging Science and Technology, Government agencies and many others.

As an award winning photographer, Eddie is actively involved as the Chairmanof the Digital Imaging Specialty Advisory Group and serves on the WinonaEducation Committee for the Professional Photographers of America wherehe holds the Master of Electronic Imaging & Photographic Craftsman degreesand is PPA Certified. He is Commercial Council representative to PPA forthe Georgia Professional Photographers Association. His articles have appearedin The Professional Photographer, Photo Electronic Imaging, Infoto magazine,Southern Exposure and others.

He also participated in ARTIFACT PROJECT

Eddie Tapp
1536 Hickory Drive
Lilburn, Georgia 30047

770 925 4482 (voice/fax)