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  • Name : Satoshi Sakanoshita
  • Sex : Male
  • Curriculum : Miyazaki Omiya High school (academic)
  • Job : CG craftsman (freelance)
  • Home : Daimyou Fukuoka-city JAPAN
  • Main CPU : PC/AT compatible machine (dual P-200 on ASUSTeK P/E-P55T2P4D)
  • Second CPU : DEC Alpha 500MHz for 3D rendering
  • Tool : Adobe Photoshop 3.0 English version
  • Tool (portrait image) : and NewTek Lightwave 5.0
  • Job career : Salesman, CD shop manager, DTP engineer, Photo digitize director, etc' etc'...
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    Motivation to co-operating at the project

    When I joined to "Artifact Project", I enjoyed it and excited. "PASSAGES" project make me excite too. Cyber web cover the earth, but most communication is a line between people. These projects connect artists like a real web. Yes, That's a real web!  

    And "PASSAGES" project try to over even the wall of time. Do you feel the sense of wonder from it? ;-)

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    My Diva Hellfire mode
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