Born in Siena (Italy),
I now live and work commuting between Bologna (Italy) and Paris (France). I had a nice job at the University, before commuting, as professor of Philosophy (Epistemology); but after four years it wasn’t nice any more and, at the end, boring. In the early 90’s I became very interested in new technologies. So I tried to do something about it. Now I have two Mac and one husband who hates them. The reason is that I work 14 hours a day. I completed many works in art galleries, and Internet projects. ORLAN ET ORLAN, my video on Orlan’s work, was published in the cyber-magazine MAGNET. I also participated in ARTIFACT PROJECT, a collective of network art coordinated by Joop Greypink. I was curator of the exhibits: VIDENSEMBLEMATIQUE (1995), TR’ARTE (1996) and BYE BYE MOVIE (1997). In 1996 I presented in Bologna “Le cow boy et l’indien”, a movie about Jean-Jacques Lebel’s art and life, by Alain Fleischer To relax, I work as web master. My site are PASSIOPEA, Il campo delle fragole, . I also provide full service for the design and production of servers in the fields of art and literature.

I planned this project because I think that words remain, like images, in a total field and that their echoes are permanent even if subdivided. Each project begins but I never want to think that it’s going to end. I’ve asked artists all over the world to co-operate in the “Passages” project. They, after having co-operated in the “Artifact” project, helped me and help me in this accomplishment.

Bologna 1997

Ho ideato questo progetto perché credo che le parole restino, come le immagini, nel campo totale e che i loro echi siano indelebili anche se frammentati. Ogni progetto inizia ma non voglio mai pensare che finisca. Ho chiesto ad artisti di tutto il mondo di collaborare al progetto “Passages”. Questi, avendo già partecipato al progetto “Artifact”, mi hanno aiutato e mi aiutano nella realizzazione.

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